Music Video: OG Wax – Exclusive Feat: Synco (My Black Magic Cinema Cam Nightmare)

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This was my first music video shooting with my new Black Magic Cinema Camera. And boy was it a pain in the ass to render the files.

First off, none of my computers were either the proper osx version, or had the right video card to handle black magics software Resolve Light. I was forced to find another way to edit the footage.

After extensive research and trial and error.. I found a little known way to render dng files (black magic raw frames). Using adobe bridge, i would color grade a frame, apply those settings to all frames in that scene, then export all those as jpg’s.

A slow process, it took me about 5 days to render out all the scenes, and then a day to edit and render out the video.

Once i get better at streamlining my rendering process i can spend more time doing custom color grading on specific parts of the video and just in general spending more time on making it the best it can be.

Enjoy. Shout out to Exclusive, Synco, the Urban Hippis Movement, and the TRAP Gallery.

PS: Im going to be updating my blog at least once per day for the next whole year. Happy New Years.