Greatest tinder profile of all time?

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[real3dflipbook id=”3″] So i modified my old portfolio to match tinder and more sell myself. I Updated my tinder profile last week to just have a link to my girlfriend application. which resulted in a lot of new traffic to my site. so i decided to take things to the next level. This is what my new profiles looking at, … Read More

Where I’ll be in 4 months

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Aside from living at a top suite at W6 tempe, I’ll have one of these cars. But what one?? Bugatti… Or Lamborghini … This is me, blogging it into reality.. -AJColores #lifefromtheiphone

2014 – Year of the Digital Hero

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Starting the new year heres my Resolution. I will be also making a blog post every single day of the year. Not thats probably going to include taking a photo/video/gif/music pretty much anything or somthing creative.. every single day… that i can track and post to my blog. Every single day of 2014. Its a crazy task… but if anyones … Read More