AJ Colores is a native of Las Cruces, NM and is now currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. A passion for working with computers and the internet was introduced to AJ at a very early age by an older brother. By the age of ten, AJ was impressing friends and family members with his unique ability to develop blogs and other internet sites.

9iGBrIn high school, AJ began to develop and fine-tune his video, journalism, broadcasting and photography skills by producing daily school announcements, sporting event videos and the final senior class video.

Admittedly a mediocre student, AJ decided to forgo a college degree in favor pursuing several entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2010, AJ and his partner started Gadsen Records, a Phoenix-based record label, with an additional office in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, AJ is involved in Celebrity Bakery, a full-service developmental marketing firm dedicated to promoting new artists.

A digital artist at heart and by trade, AJ Colores’ love of the internet, digital artistry, Web development, videography, photographic and graphic design is what compels him to succeed in his business and personal life. His passion, artistry and professional abilities have led his firm to be voted the 2012 Best Graphic Design Firm in Arizona by AZNIA.ORG and Arizona Foothills Magazine.

AJ Colores is proud of the fact that he’s making a living doing the things he loves the most. His favorite Henry Ford quote, Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right, is representative of his positive attitude, which continues to drive AJ in every aspect of his life and career.